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Mohabbat Mein Pagal Karne Ka Amal


The main thought – the start of the month, it ought to be a necessity of affection Nochandi Jumrat the importance and read a hundred circumstances over Surme possess and be before your eyes with a valentine. Will love.

The second thought – who needs to hold up My dearest to me and instantly hurried to him the significance of the ten days, read 650 circumstances on chicken eggs and the eggs laid by burrowing fir jamin fashioned by flame and hot fiery remains or Sek conveyed | Ghulam Mehboob, if Allah wills, will remain until the end of time.

The third thought – 60 thousand 600 circumstances read on the Egyptian and Mehboob insane and faithful will Inshallah sustain.

It doesn’t execute it without asking you and you’re encompassing condition can be negative to. So certainly take it before agreeing supposition.

Mohabbat Mein Pagal Karne Ka Amal


پہلی ترکیب – جسے کسی کی محبت درکار ہو اسے چاہئے کے شروع ماہ کی نوچدي جمرات کو اس عبارت کو ایک سو بار پڑھے اور سرمے کے اوپر دم کرے اور اپنی آنکھوں میں لگا کر محبوب کے سامنے جائے. محبت ہو جائے گی.

دوسری ترکیب – جو چاہتا ہو کی میرا محبوب بے قرار ہو کر فوری طور پر میرے پاس پہنچے تو اسے چاہئے کی اس عبارت کو 650 بار مرغی کے انڈے پر دس دن تک پڑھے اور پھر زمین میں گڑھا کھود کر اس انڈے کو رکھے اور گرم راکھ یا آگ کی طرف سے اس سےكھ پہنچائے. اللہ نے چاہا تو محبوب ہمیشہ غلام رہے گا.

تیسری ترکیب – 60 ہزار 600 بار مصری پر پڑھے اور محبوب کو کھلائے انشا ء الله پاگل ہوکر فرمانبردار ہو جائے گا |

Get Lost Love Back In 36 Hours +91- 9881517862

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Apna Khoya Pyar Hasil Karne ka Wazifa
It is really hard to get love again after the break up with lover. To gain lover once again, you have to win his or her trust in their heart for you & it is possible by showing your love in front of lover. Our apna khoya pyar hasil karne ka wazifa will help you in this condition.

Pyar ko Pane ka Tarika
if you are in love with a person, who is already in love with someone, or not showing any interests in you. You don’t to think much and without making a delay just ask for them mean of Pyar Ko Pane Ka Tarika and get that person in your life as your life partner. Contact the astrologers of Islamic Wazifas & obtain apne pyar ko pane ka tarika in Hindi.

Apna Khoya Pyar Hasil Karne Ka Tarika
To get your love again, you have to take our Apna khoya pyar hasil karne ka tarika from our astrologers at Islamic Wazifas. We offer upay & wazifa for love according to the requirement of our clients. Our astrology services are used in the condition when there was break up between two lovers.

Apna Khoya Pyar Hasil Karne ka Totka
The totka for love offered at IslamicWazifas is also called as Apna khoya pyar hasil karne ka totka or pyar ka totka. Once your implement this process of totka astrology, your love will start to love you again & left his or her current boyfriend (or girlfriend).

Apna Khoya Pyar Hasil Karne ki Dua
Along with our wazifa, upay & totka for love solutions, our dua is also effective in comparison of these three. Our Apna khoya pyar hasil karne ki Dua is most effective than totka & wazifa because this include the some mantras of the God.

Taweez For Love

What is Taweez:

Sab sey pehley hamen yeh maloom hona chahiay key taweez kya hota hey aur is ka istemal kese karty hen, Taweez,Talisman,Amulet,Naqsh amal ki azeemat huroof aur unkey adaad sey moeklat wa arwah per mushtamil hota hey, jisko baqayedah kisi kaghaz per ya kisi dosri shay pey likha jata hey, taveez bina ijazat amil nahi likha ja sakta tawiz likhney key liay bohat sharayet ki pabandi zaroori hoti hey taweez ka istemal bhi aik amil he bata sakta hey agar khud sey aap koi taweez book sey dekh kar likhen gey aur istemal karen gey to ho sakta hey aap ka ulta nuqsan hona shuroo ho jaaye faayedah honey key amkanat bohat kam hongey.
Types of Taweez: taweez ki 4 aqsam aam tor per paaye jati hen, Khaki Taweez, Baadi Taweez, Atishi Taweez, Abi Taweez yani jab bhi aap kisi bhi ilm sey roohani noorani ya sifli taveez likhen gey to woh inhe 4 aqsam mei sey ho ga aur uska istemaal bhi mizaj key lehaz sey kiya jaaye ga keon key kul kayenat ka makhaz wa madah yehe 4 aag,pani,hawa,khak anasir hen, han lekin “Noor” aur Noori Makhlooq in anasir ki qaid sey bala tar hey.

Taweez For Love:

Love key liay hamarey pas bohat sey taweez mujrrab mojud hen jin key likhney sey aur istemal karney sey love ka problem boyfriend ya girlfriend , husband/wife love back sab kay liay istemal hota hey,Hub key liay yeh 4 naqsh taveez bohat mujrrab hen inko kaghaz per pakeezah ink sey ya zafran sey likhey aik ko khak mei dafan karey, aik taweez ko aag mei, aik tawiz ko hawa mei kisi drakht per ltkayae, aik taviz ko pani mei bahaye har naqsh key neachey Name talib sath matloob aur mother name likhey, taweez yeh hen.

Taweez For Love Back:
Bohat sey taweezat love back key liay hen if you want to get your love back to is taweez ko bakri key shana per sa’at aaftab mei likhey aur name talib wa matloob sath mother names likhen phir taveez ko ya to tanoor mei dal den ya to aag ki bhatti mei aur kisi jagah aag mei jala dey to matloob lover bey qarar ho kar aaye mujrrab taweez for love back yeh hen.
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